Welcome to Cindy Lou's Gulf Shores Beachfront Condos at Island Royale!


“The beach fixes everything,” or so the quote goes.  I don’t know if you need anything “fixed” but I do know visiting the beach will help you unwind and view this crazy world through a different lens (binoculars or sunglasses 😎). Whether you just want to plop your behind in a chair and dig your toes in the sand or cast your fishing line in the sea, the beach, water and time away from life’s routines and struggles is what we can all use once in a while!  Maybe you’ll come with your family and you’re looking forward to your busy toddler taking a sweet nap under your beach umbrella?  Perhaps you’ll visit the beach with your grandkids and you’ll teach them to fish or to hunt sand crabs after sunset? It might be you are meeting that group of friends you’ve had for 30 years and you’re excited to reminisce about old times, laughing and crying together as the fellowship warms your heart.  What the heck, maybe it’ll be just you and your sweetheart having your morning coffee on the balcony as you gaze at the Gulf of Mexico and the dolphins gliding by. Whatever the reason for coming to our Gulf Shores beach, Cindy Lou’s condos will provide that “just right, comfy” place to stay while you reconnect with your family, friends and most importantly, yourself!